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Sex Wax Purple x 2

Sex Wax Cold x 2
Instore Price: €7.00

Purple 9-12'C. Ideal as a top coat in...

Gorilla Grip Ozzie Wright (Black)

Gorilla Grip Hybrid
Instore Price: €39.00

Deck Grip for your surfboard from the...

Pickle Wax Remover

The Pickle Wax Remover
Instore Price: €16.00

A large green 'pickle' handmade in...

Alder 7ft Leash

Alder 7ft Leash
Instore Price: €25.00

Double swivel, rail saver. Tough and...

Alder single Haulage

Alder Double Haulage
Instore Price: €55.00

The Alder single Haulage Roof Rack...

Alder Tie Downs 3m

Alder Tie Downs
Instore Price: €15.00

Alder 3M tie down straps. Long and...

Alder Wax Comb

Endless Wave Wax Comb
Instore Price: €3.00

Simple and basic, the alder wax comb....

Alder 8ft Leash

Instore Price: €25.00

Alder makes a 8ft. Reg. Leash that has...

Alder 9ft Leash

Alder 8ft Leash
Instore Price: €25.00
Online Savings: €-3.00

Alder makes a 9ft. Reg. Leash that has...

Alder Stretch Sock Cover

Alder 8ft Leash
Instore Price: €38.99

If you want a sock for your surfboard...

Alder Key Safe Box

Instore Price: €39.99

Tramore Surf Shop proud to stock Alder

Global 24/7 Hybrid Surfboard Bag

Instore Price: €59.00


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