Why should you book your kids into an Easter Surf Camp with Tramore Surf School?

Easter is fast approaching, and with it, Easter holidays for your kids. The weather is also improving which means that kids will more than likely want to spend as much time outside as possible and gives a taste of summer holidays which are soon to come.

Make this Easter worth remembering and enrol your child into an Easter surfing camp for kids with Tramore Surf School. We are the closet surf school to the beach in Tramore and guarantee the most time spent actually in the water learning how to catch and surf waves with our experienced ISA qualified instructors this Easter

Our Easter surfing camp for kids offers a safe and exciting introduction to the world of surfing (but is also fun for those more experienced!) Your child will never forget the excitement of catching his/her first wave and will make plenty of friends in the progress. 

  • Easter surf camp for kids.
  • 79 euros per child for the full week.
  • Rates available for 1,2,3,4 day lesson plans also
  • Qualified and experienced instructors
  • Fully insured and safety assured
  • Suitable for beginners and more experienced surfers also

The surfing camp will start on 10th April and will last 5 days. Each surfing lesson will last a full 2 hours from 10am to 12pm daily.

This Easter give your child an introduction to a sport for life and not just a chocolate egg, Book a spot for your child in Tramore Surf School’s Easter surfing camp for kids now! http://www.tramoresurfschool.com/surf-camps.html

If you have any queries or to book, drop us a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring us at 051-391011/ 0877563993.

What's the surf in Tramore like this weekend? Read on to find out.

Saturday is the day to get out on the beach with a mid sized wind swell, 4ft 9 seconds, and moderate offshore north west wind forecast all day its going to be head high and clean close to the morning high tide. This is by far your best bet for the weekend and should see Tramore beach get as good as it ever gets really with great clean waves for improvers, intermediate and advanced surfers.

However this swell is forecast to drop off throughout the day and, with the dropping tide as well, should see a drastic reduction in size into the afternoon. This will be still great conditions for beginner surfers with plenty of time to get up on the wave. While the main swell is dropping off, a sneaky secondary groundswell 3ft at 11 seconds combined with the offshore wind may seem some good waves found elsewhere on the coast in the afternoon for more experienced surfers.>

Sunday also will be best in the morning with smaller but still very clean waves likely in the morning in the waist high range quickly becoming smaller and more onshore as the day goes on.

So there you have, best surf of the weekend is forecast for Saturday morning but likely to be a great day overall. Sunday might still have a few waves early in the morning if you can get up for it. All in all, a great weekend for getting to Tramore with clean waves and sun forecast. Get on it!

As always be sure to check webcam or give us a call to be sure of what the surf is doing and if its good for you.

Are you looking for a few waves to shake off the hangover this weekend?, well if you are, your in luck!

Both Saturday and Sunday are looking pretty similar this weekend with waist to shoulder high messy onshore waves forecast for both days.

Saturday sees onshore waist high surf all day

On Saturday the best waves for intermediate to advanced surfers on Tramore beach are likely to be found as close as possible to the morning (8am) high tide while for beginners it is an ideal day to get out and practice standing up as much as possible. The short period wind swell and moderate cross/onshore wind all day is likely to make plenty of surfable waves but unlikely to leave anything special.

Sunday is very similar

Sunday is similar again with the best waves for intermediate surfers likely in the morning around 10am or so and suitable conditions for beginners forecast all day. The swell and wind combination are almost identical to Saturday so it should be a case of waist high onshore groundhog day.

So there you have it, not the best weekend of surf ever to hit Tramore beach but not the worst either. That said, if the wind swings more west than forecast currently, Sunday morning might not be too bad. Otherwise there's plenty of waves forecast for all and a really good time of the year to start surfing.

As always be sure to check webcam or give us a call to be sure of what the surf is doing and if its good for you.

A surf lesson is a fun activity for a stag or hen party or for the morning after, so why not come to Tramore for a bit of fun in the water with us for a day youl never forget. Tramore Surf School offers Irish surf lessons for stag and hen parties for both beginners and those more experienced. Still having doubts? Then consider the reasons for choosing a stag/hen surf lesson with Tramore Surf School below:

  1. Get Rid Of Your Hangover
    Salt water and exercise is the best cure for a hangover. You may have a headache when you arrive but once you’re in the water you’ll have forgotten all about it. Catching a wave with us is scientifically proven to clear up a hangover.

  2. Pick Up A New Hobby
    Once you experience the thrill of riding your very first wave, you’ll be hooked for life. It doesn’t matter whether you stand up for a second or a minute, there really is no way back. That’s good though – we all know that the secret to a long-lasting, happy relationship is to have separate interests and hobbies. Besides, how impressed will your partner be when they see you riding a wave for the very first time?

  3. Bonding outside the pub!
    There really is no better way to bond with your friends than by going surfing together! It’s an incredible experience and one that you’ll remember for years to come. You’ll fall many times, no doubt, but that’s part of the fun. Plus, now that you’re committing to that special someone, your friends will probably start whinging that you don’t spend as much time with them. But could surfing be a way to re-connect with your friends and keep your friendship strong?

Tramore is only 12km away (17 minutes) from Waterford city, 124km (1 hour 48 minutes) from Cork city and 183km (2 hours) from Dublin city so no mater where you are the night before, we are probably not too far away the next day. Check out the directions on how to reach us here - http://www.tramoresurfschool.com/about-us/getting-here.html

So what are you waiting for, book your stag or hen party with Tramore Surf School now! The Stag/Hen goes FREE! For more information drop us a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring us at 051-391011/ 087-7563993.

Book a stag/hen lesson with Tramore Surf School now – http://www.tramoresurfschool.com/lessons.html

What's the surf in Tramore like this weekend? Read on to find out.

Saturday is likely to see small and clean waist high waves in the morning with the low tide at around 10am. Two swells, a short period 3ft 6 second windswell and a smaller but likely more powerful 1.6ft 10 second groundswell are set to meet a light offshore (north) wind until around 1pm or so. This sort of swell/wind combination is an excellent match, particularly for beginners and improvers, and should see small and fun conditions all morning - an excellent chance to start surfing green waves.

Unfortunately conditions for Saturday are set to deteriorate rapidly as the day goes on with the swell dropping off and the wind going onshore. It is still likely to be surfable but the best conditions get out as early as possible.

Sunday too, looks like it has really good potential for fun surf. This time a small and long period, 2.5 10 second, groundswell is predicted to stick around all day along with light to moderate offshore winds. This combination could likely make for a great day of surfing on Sunday with wasit to shoulder high waves all day.

For beginners on Sunday, the best bet is to get out earlier in the day with the low tide while for improvers and advanced surfers an hour or two before the high tide at 5.30pm should see the best conditions.

So altogether it looks like it could be a great weekend for surfing. The best conditions of the weekend are likely to be found on Sunday afternoon with waist to shoulder high long period waves with plenty of scope for all levels of surfer to have some fun in Tramore this weekend. The weather looks good to boot!

As always be sure to check webcam or give us a call to be sure of what the surf is doing and if its good for you.

One question prospective surfers always ask us before or after their first couple of lessons is what is the best time to really start surfing. Well, there's never a better time than the present, whenever that is, but if you have to pick one season of the year, then it has to be spring!

We have come up with three reasons why right now is the best time to start surfing in 2017:

1.The days are getting longer. One of the best things about spring time in Ireland is the ever longer days and evenings that open up a world of after work/school surfing possibility. No longer are you restricted to the Gym or pool to get your after hours exercise fix but now the prospect of getting out for a 6pm surf can put a spring in your step leaving the office. The ever longer evenings are the best time to make a real effort to improve.

Spring is the perfect time for an evening surf lesson

2.The Waves While summer often (but not always) brings the best weather in Ireland, it also usually comes with a relative lack of proper swell. Spring on the other hand, along with autumn, is usually packed with lots of days of excellent waves and favorable winds. In terms of a trade off between consistency of waves, pleasant temperatures and good weather spring is certainly the best season for surfing in Ireland, especially in Tramore.

Spring is also a great time to go stand up paddle boarding

3.No Crowds While we don't always get the best weather in Ireland we are still very good at packing out the beaches as soon as the temperature gets above 15 degrees. You might not think it now, but most surfing beaches in Ireland, like Tramore get very crowded with 100s of surfers and swimmers in Summer. This can be a little bit daunting for a beginner wary of either crashing into someone or being crashed into. Spring on the other hand is mercifully empty with plenty of space to learn in.

So there you have it, three reasons why Spring is the best time to start surfing in Ireland. If you fancy taking advantage of these longer evenings, good waves and uncrowded conditions why not join one of our evening public lessons this spring..

What's the surf in Tramore like this weekend? Read on to find out.

Saturday is looking good, or at least not bad, for most levels of surfer. With a mid sized 4ft 8 second wind swell and cross offshore winds (particularly in the morning), we should see cleanish waist to shoulder high waves with the size decreasing throughout the day.

Saturday looks good with a small windswell and light offshore winds in the morning

For all levels of surfer, your best bet is to get out around between 9am and 1pm when the wind is forecast to be lightest and the tide is still relatively high. For complete beginners, the later afternoon/evening should have a small cleanish wave on the low tide.

Sunday, on the other hand, is a bit more of a mixed bag. While the swell size is bigger, 8ft 8 seconds, the swell direction is becoming very westerly which will decrease the effective size of the waves we will see on Tramore beach. The wind is forecast to be strong to moderate and cross offshore which, combined with the swell, should make waist high windblown waves through out the day.

Beginners should be careful on Sunday with the strong offshore wind forecast

For beginner surfers on their own these are not ideal conditions as the strong cross/offshore wind is likely to create a rip current moving down and out along the beach so take care. Otherwise, your best bet for Sunday is get on the beach around 10 am on the high tide for some surfable, but not amazing, wasit high waves.

As always be sure to check our webcam or give us a call to be sure of what the surf is doing and if its good for you.

What's the surf in Tramore like this weekend? Well, for Saturday it looks like a mixed bag with likely improving conditions throughout the day. With a primary swell of a 5ft 7 seconds predicted and moderate onshore wind all day, we are likely to get plenty of waves but not to many of excellent quality.

A short period wind swell and onshore wind all day Saturday is likely to make great conditions for learners and improvers but not necessarily for advanced surfers

With the wind forecast to drop off a little in the afternoon/evening, Saturday afternoon should see the best conditions of the day. It should be around waist to shoulder high and crumbly all day, not brilliant but worth a dip.

With a dropping wind swell and winds on Sunday, a long board at low tide is your best bet

Sunday on the other hand is likely to see smaller and cleaner waves getting very small later in the day. With the wind swell dropping down to 2ft 7 seconds and the wind dropping almost completely it will be a day for either beginners or maybe a go on the longboard/SUP.

Not the best weekend ever in Tramore but not the worst either, Saturday will have the best conditions for most with waist to shoulder high surf all day with Sunday being ideal for beginners. As always be sure to check webcam or give us a call to be sure of what the surf is doing and if its good for you.

3 things to check before you go surfing

“How do I know when the surf is going to be any good?” is probably the first question many people ask following an introductory lesson. After having a great time catching your first few waves and maybe standing up once or twice, its natural to want to know when is the best time to go again.

No suitable for Beginners

Good surf for some......but maybe not after your first lesson

As with the weather in Ireland, the answer to the question is surprisingly complex and if you don’t do your homework before you go it wont be nearly as good as if you did.

The first thing you have to do is define what you mean by “good”. If it’s before or after your first lesson or two then the definition of “good surf” is going to be a lot different than someone who has spent the last 5 winters on the north shore of Hawaii.

For a beginner your much better off with 1 to 2ft crumbly waist high waves than the kind of surf you might see the pros out in.

Below we have listed 3 things to always check before you go surfing to be sure you never waste a trip to the beach.

1.The Wind

For the best surfing conditions possible, the general rule is “offshore (wind blowing from land to sea) wind is good, onshore (sea to land) wind is bad. However this is not always true.

Experienced surfers tend to seek offshore wind for its ability to make waves bigger and stay open longer due to it blowing back against the face of the breaking wave. While ideal for surfing when you’re more experienced, this kind of wind can also be dangerous if you are a complete beginner.

A strong offshore wind will tend to create, or intensify; rip currents moving out to sea and an unwary beginner could end up like this guy in japan who spent 16 hours at sea after getting caught in a rip!

The same theory applies to onshore wind. While a strong onshore wind can completely ruin the surf, a light onshore dosen't make much difference to the waves and might even be the most ideal kind of wind for a not so experienced surfer as it makes the surf more forgiving.

To check the wind conditions for Tramore keep an eye on windguru and or Magicseaweed and remember for Tramore beach a northerly wind is offshore and southerly wind is onshore. Look out for days with wind speeds of <20km in either direction (or better yet barely any wind at all) and your good to go!

2.The Swell

Swell is the name for the open ocean energy which, when it enters shallow water near the shoreline and tumbles over itself (more on this another time), breaks and makes the waves we surf. So, based on the fact that swell=waves, you could say the more swell the better! While that might seem like an obvious thing to want its only true up to a point.

For most shallow, beginner friendly beaches in Ireland, like Tramore, a swell of more than 6ft (2 metres) with a period (length between waves measured in seconds) of more than 9 seconds or so will likely equal a messed up un surfable mush that is particularly bad for beginners.

While some reefs, point breaks and steeper beaches will hold a far larger swell and create excellent conditions for intermediate and advanced surfers with big waves, for beginners and learners you really don’t want a swell bigger than 6ft or so on a beach like Tramore. A far more idea swell height is between 1 and 4ft which will create a waist to head high waves when it breaks on the beach.

To check the swell, your best bet again is to look at Magicseaweed or windguruor better again check out Met Eireanns buoy reports and see what the reading is for the M5 buoy (moored just off the south coast) to get a live update.

3.The Tide

The state of the tide can make a big difference to any surf spot. Gentle rolling waves on a beach at low tide can turn into a dangerous shore break at high tide just because the waves have less sand to go over before they get to the shoreline.

The ideal tide for your local surf spot will vary hugely but generally for beginners, coming to a beach like Tramore especially, low or mid tide will be best. Another advantage of this is that it lets you see any rocks or hazards on the beach before they are covered by water.

You can check the tide again at Magicseaweed and remember there are 4 tides (2 low and 2 high) every day with 6 hours in between each. If you are unsure about what tide is safest at your local surf break ask a lifeguard or a local who is there often.


Before your next trip to the beach and to make sure you don’t get skunked (left with no waves) or end up washed out to sea. Check windguru and Magicseaweed for the wind, swell forecast and tide.

For Tramore beach look for a small swell(<6ft), light to moderate winds in any direction and a low to mid tide. If you're still not sure that surf is safe for your level ask a lifeguard or a more experienced surfer who knows the beach. Better yet check out our webcam or give us a call to be sure of what the surf is doing and if its good for you.

From Beginner to Expert, Surfboards come in all Lengths, Widths, and Thickness. Finding the right combination is essential to getting out back, catching waves and popping up.

For most beginners it is advised to start on a Mal (7’6 – 8’0) or Long board (8’0 up) with reasonable thickness, as it will be buoyant easier to catch waves and pop up. (We stock and rent in store)

Once you have grasped the basics you can then begin to find a board that will give you the most. When we have a customer in store we usually look at size, height, where do you plan to surf and how often you’re going to use it. We also encourage our customers to try out our rental boards before buying to get a feel for the different styles of boards.

Any queries regarding your first board or looking to upgrade give us a ring on 051-391011 or pop in we’re open 7 days a week. 


Every surfer should keep an eye on weight, being the correct weight is very important and studies have proven that surfers who are fit have much better balance and surf for longer. A great diet I found recently which has really improved my surfing and it is Irish owned is the weigh and slim diet, it substitutes some of your bad treats such as chocolate bars with equally as nice tasting bars that are full of the correct dietary requirements.

Now everytime I go surfing I bring some snack bars with me. Thanks Weigh and Slim!


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